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OCTI is designed to be a computer-resistant game, simple (and fun) for humans, but difficult for a computer. By allowing players to shape the quantity and quality of their pieces, OCTI plays to human strengths: the ability to make subtle trade-offs and to formulate long-term plans.

Artificial intelligence, however, is getting more...intelligent. The question is how long humans can retain their edge in OCTI. Whether you're testing your skill as a programmer or as a player, there is plenty of uncharted territory to explore in this game.

Plans are taking shape for the 2003 Annual Robot Tournament. Contact with questions or comments. To discuss artificial intelligence programs and see some current examples of OCTI robots, join the Yahoo! OCTI club.

An excellent new site for OCTI AI programmers!

AI Programmer Interviews Participants in 2nd Annual Robot Tournament, November 2001

2nd Annual Robot Tournament, August 2001