OCTI: The 2 Player Game

Board and Pieces

The OCTI board is a 9x9 grid of squares, six of which are marked "OCTI." Each player controls seven light or dark octagon-shaped pieces called "pods" and 25 pegs called "prongs."


The winner is the first player to occupy all three enemy OCTI squares at the same time. For a shorter game, play to occupy a single enemy OCTI square.


Place game board between players, so that OCTI squares face each player.

At the start, place one empty pod on each of the friendly OCTI squares.

Each player holds four extra pods in reserve for future use.

Arrows on the pods should be visible and always pointed toward the opponent. Pods never rotate.

Rules of Play

Players, in turn, must do one and only one of the following:

I. Insert a prong into a friendly pod.

II. Reposition a prong in a friendly pod.

III. Move a friendly pod (or pods, if more than one pod occupy the same square).

IV. Jump other pods, capturing them if desired.

V. Bring a reserve or captured pod onto the board.

When exercising one of these options, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  Example of play in the two-player game.