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The big news in the world of OCTI is the release of two new editions.   The game formerly called OCTI is now called OCTI-Extreme (or "OCTI-X").  The game is the same (9x9 board, for two or four players), but there are big improvements in the quality of the components.  The wooden pieces have been replaced with 8-faceted pyramids.  The prongs have been replaced by something resembling wings.  The boardšs squares are significantly larger, for better playability.  The result is a striking new look!

Meanwhile, OCTI: New Edition has replaced what was formerly called Octi-for-Kids.  The manufacturers came to the view that this game has all the sophistication of a game for all ages.  The board is still played on the 6x7 board, and all the rules remain the same.  But with the new pieces and a snappy new design, this game looks awesome!

One huge new improvement is the rules booklet that comes with each game.  No more just-the-facts-mašam black and white sheet.  Now players will receive a full color set of instructions with examples and with FAQs.  The result is a game that is easier to play out of the box and easier to teach others!

Have fun!