OCTI Tutorial: 4 Player Game

OCTI is a game with simple, intuitive rules that can be mastered quickly. This tutorial covers the basics by walking you through an example game.

OCTI is much like game of directional checkers. The octagonal pieces are called pods. These checkers gain direction when arrows called prongs are inserted into them. Pods can move or jump in the direction of their prongs. In OCTI, unlike checkers, pods can jump over both friendly and enemy pods, and both jumping and capturing are optional.

Players form into teams of two, with partners sitting diagonally across from each other. Each player starts with 1 empty pod on his/her base and 3 pods in reserve. Each player also starts with a supply of 12 prongs.

The object of the OCTI 4 Player Game, described here, is to put a friendly pod on each opponent's base, eliminating them from the game.

Each turn, a player may either move, introduce a new pod onto a friendly base, or add a prong to any friendly pod.

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